Kinross Charter Township

Township Supervisor

James R. Moore

906-495-5381 Ext. 107

Deputy Supervisor

DJ Malloy

906-495-5381 Ext. 113

Township Supervisor

As Supervisor, my office is here to serve the residents of Kinross Charter Township. Our job is to address inquires, complaints and receive suggestions relating to not only township issues, but county, state, and federal issues as well. We do not guarantee that you will receive the answer you wish, or that we will even have the answer to your questions, however we do guarantee we will strive to get you an answer or direct you to the person or agency that does have the answer to your question.

The Supervisor’s Office oversees the day to day operations of the township. My staff is here to serve the community residents of Kinross Charter Township whenever possible. Also the Supervisor’s Office must handle the following responsibilities in accordance with Michigan law:

  • Legal agent for township (MCL 41.2)
  • Moderates board Meetings (MCL 41.97-41.99)
  • Budget Preparation (MCL 141.422b(e))
  • Chief Assessing Officer
  • Appointments/Nominations
  • Responsible for records of the Supervisor’s Office (MCL 41.62)
  • Submits tax allocation board budget (MCL 211.210)